A Case Study: BCLIQUOR's Online Content

The Project Brief

BCLIQUOR Online – populating and developing content for their online channels. Here we go! 

To help expand their marketing reach and build their online presence on Youtube and Instagram, a series of “how to make cocktails” was developed from resident mixologist David Wolowidnyk. David is a key contributor for  BCLIQUOR’s TASTE magazine, a seasonal publication available for free at all of the British Columbia government liquor stores.   

With the collaboration of the incredible marketing team at BCLIQUOR, we were tasked with helping produce content for their social media channels. This included Youtube, Instagram as well as Google adverts for their spring and summer campaigns. 


The Production

Imagine a day filled with  the sound of ice cubes clinking against glasses, and the sight of a master mixologist in action. That’s exactly what we experienced during our recent project capturing David’s signature cocktails.

Our day started early with an 8:00 am call-time for the talented cast and crew.  We dialled in the lighting to create an atmosphere that exuded warmth and sophistication. We also ensured that the sound was crystal clear, ready to capture the audio of shaking, stirring and pouring.

The first part of the day focused on the longer-format versions for the Youtube channel. We wanted to give viewers a real sense of the craft that goes into making a perfect cocktail. After an initial rehearsal to allow David to achieve his flow state, we set the cameras in motion and let him work his magic. The result was an incredible showcase of creativity and skill as David mixed, stirred and poured his way through a range of signature cocktails.

Once we had successfully captured the content for the longer format videos, we moved on to the shorter formats. These shots consisted of a closer-up focus, emphasizing the ingredients and the precise amounts needed to achieve the perfect cocktail. The result was an incredible series of shots that really captured the essence of what it takes to create a truly exceptional cocktail.

Overall, the day was a huge success, and we were thrilled to be a part of it. 

Google Ads

The marketing strategy also included developing a series of 6 and 15 second edits for Google Ads. The focus was creating the mood around the events associated with enjoying BCLIQUOR products responsibly through out the seasonal campaigns. The existing brand helped the design and creation propel it forward.



Scripts: David Wolowidnik

Art Director: Atlee James

Production : Atlee James, Oliver Smith & Ronin Gunn

Editing & Motion Design: Potential Pictures Inc.