A Case Study: Blue Umbrella

The Brief

Blue Umbrella is a compliance software company that transforms the way companies manage their risks. This ensures ethical behaviour across their supply chains around the globe.  With the release of their software modules and company introduction we teamed up to help explain the new features and how they help by making business better.

Because this was their first experience with developing animations, we helped by outlining the entire process and how they would be directly involved.

The Script

Original Scripts were supplied so all we had to do was help get it to the 90 second golden duration mark …  without losing the message. Many hours of research were required to understand the software, their clients and their audience.

The Storyboard

The storyboard helped the clients understand the flow of their story and better understand how we would bring their illustrations to life. From a pinecone falling to the ground to becoming a tree to the lighthouse scanning the surrounding area for the IT security module.

The Illustrations

Blue Umbrella had already developed their sense of style and design through their web graphics, so we went to town to create similar assets to complement their existing ones. In the end it was a match.

The Animation + Sound Design

The Blue Umbrella nature scene’s come to life as each software module is explained and outlined. From nature we take the viewer on a journey through their software. 

The Finalés

Client: Blue Umbrella

Executive Producer: Atlee James

Creative Directors: Atlee James, Boris Moshkov, Anastasija Glidzic

Script Writer: Andrew Wahl

Illustration, Animation & Sound:

  • Illustrator & Design: Anastasija Glidzic
  • 2D + 3D Animation: Boris Moshkov and Anastasija Glidzic
  • Sound Design: Atlee James