A Case Study: Capital Events Management

The Brief

Capital Event Investment Conferences (CEC) is a company that links public and private investment opportunity issuers with top-tier investors over a weekend of one-on-one meetings and networking activities. CEC approached Potential Pictures about creating an engaging and unique animation to help explain what attendees can expect when they sign up for one of CEC’s events. A “whiteboard” explainer wasn’t going to cut it. 

The Script

CEC needed to be able to easily explain what the events were and what to expect to help convince investors to register for their conferences. They were keen on illustrating what happens once you sign up to attend, and why these events help investors succeed. Key messaging had to be addressed in the narrative, and it had to be no more than 90 seconds for the audience to ingest. To better understand the client and the services they provide, Potential Pictures dove deep into each step involved and began to craft the words that would lead to success in meeting CEC’s goals.

The Storyboard

The project needed to be budget-conscious and on point. To ensure the story flow made sense for the client and their target audience, we developed a storyboard that allowed CEC to provide very detailed feedback as we progressed throughout the project. The storyboard also gave the client a rough visual of what they were ultimately going to see in the final product.

The Illustrations

Following CEC’s existing brand guide and colour schemes, the Potential Pictures team looked to design and style a similar look and feel to the animation. From the main character to textures and perspectives, the animation needed to reflect CEC’s world and be unique to them.

The Animation + Sound Design

In the final animation, the conference experience comes to life as the primary character travels to and experiences a CEC event, allowing the audience an immersive summary of an eventful investor weekend.

The Finalé

Client: Capital Events Management

Executive Producer: Atlee James

Creative Directors: Atlee James, Boris Moshkov, Anastasija Glidzic

Script Writer: Atlee James

Illustration, Animation & Sound:

  • Illustrator & Design: Anastasija Glidzic
  • 2D + 3D Animation: Boris Moshkov and Anastasija Glidzic
  • Sound Design: Atlee James