Atlee James, Co-Founder
I have a passion for what I do and believe it shows through in my work. I’m gratified by delivering final products to clients and witnessing the result. Described as energetic, positive and a pleasure to work with, I know that my clients appreciate my collaborative approach. This includes asking the challenging questions, fully understanding your intended target audience, and knowing what resonates with them.
I co-founded Potential Pictures Inc. in 1999 after I graduated from UBC with a B.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry and a minor in Film and Production, but I’ve been a filmmaker almost my entire life. My first time directing was a Grade 9 social studies project, using a rented VHS camera from Overwaitea Foods. From that point on, I was hooked.
Inspired by hotel life (when I was a bellhop during University), my colleagues and I made honest, insightful, comic vignettes about life as a bellman. It was a different kind of reality TV. Never one to stop learning directing and producing, I achieved 10,000 hours of “expertise”, sometime around 2009 and will always continue to learn and grown in this changing industry. 

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