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A  passion project to help the community, The Cost of Winning is a 24-minute documentary that takes an honest look at the impact of an outcome-driven focus on our youth sports system. Drawing from a global perspective, this story connects with some of the most prestigious amateur and professional sports organizations in the world, including the United States Olympic Committee, Soccer Canada, Norway’s Ski Jumping Federation, Sport New Zealand, The Ohio State University, the PGA and the NHL relating to their take on creating quality sport experiences.

Film Screenings

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A simple strategy for discussions would be:

3-2-1 Strategy

  Discuss 3 things that resonated for you from the doc

  Identify 2 things you can control

  Commit to 1 thing you can do to support the movement.


“After a challenging hockey season, we watched the documentary with our 11-year-old son. At the end of the piece, he turned to us, visibly emotional and said, ‘Mom and Dad… it’s not just me. I am not alone.”
Charlotte Appt
“I saw the preview and you won’t want to miss this if you care about the development of sport in your community.”
Ron Weese
Past President, Sport Aurora
“Excellent documentary. Great interviews, very impactful – redefines what we should do as parents!”
Dr. Oly Eichstadt

Featured Internationally

March 21st 2019, The Cost of Winning was featured as part of the Olympic Organizing Committee of Lithuania’s Education Forum.

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A Community Passion Project

Producers: Matt Young / Atlee James

Director / Editing & Design: Atlee James

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