A Case Study: MiniMakers Online

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The Project Brief

Introducing MiniMakers Online – the coolest way to get hands-on with science!

Each month, Minimakers delivers a subscription box straight to your door, packed with awesome building projects, materials, S.T.E.M. learning, games, activities, and more! Plus, every kit comes with an exclusive Minimakers episode, hosted by Mr Newton and his trusty team, Chase and Riley.

Watch as they tackle real-world problems through teamwork and explore the science behind each project. With topics ranging from renewable energy to hydraulics to dinosaurs and beyond, MiniMakers Online is the ultimate way for kids to discover the limitless possibilities of science.

Each episode is creatively written, produced and art directed with the dedicated team by Potential Pictures and Minimakers. Creative collaboration at its finest and it’s just getting started. 

The Scripts

With the guidance of the brilliant scientists at Minimakers, we’ve brought science to life in every episode. Together, we outlined the key scientific concepts and experiments that would be both entertaining and educational for our young audience.

Using their expert notes, we crafted scripts that gave life to our characters: Mr Newton, Chase, and Riley. Each episode is expertly crafted with four acts that keep kids engaged from start to finish.

In Act One, we set the stage for the problem that our team must solve. Act Two is all about building the kits, while Acts Three and Four further put the Minimakers to action as they solve the problem and explore the science behind it.

With Minimakers, science is no longer a boring subject – it’s an adventure waiting to be explored and we are proud to be part of it!

Visual Effects

Step into a world of adventure with MiniMakers! Our characters take you on a journey like no other, exploring a variety of locations across different worlds and times. From the prehistoric era to the depths of outer space, our MiniMakers never fail to amaze and inspire young minds.

For our initial pilot series, all of the live action was shot against a green screen, allowing us to place our characters in the most incredible illustrated worlds. Thanks to the powerful tools of Adobe’s After Effects, we were able to bring our MiniMakers to life like never before.


The illustrated worlds of the Minimakers!   

The Finalé

Client: MiniMakers

Scripts: Laura Schreiber

Art Director: Atlee James

Illustration: Central Branch

VFX & Animation: Potential Pictures Inc.