The Project

The PGA of America was looking to add additional video content to their PGA.Coach app. In collaboration with Matt Young of The Quality Sport Hub, we scripted and recorded the fundamental movements assessment and instruction for coaches to use within the app. Each movement was recorded in the four different stages of ability to help coaches determine what level athletes are at in their development.  These movements are the building blocks to help kids develop their ability to move properly and efficiently before the sport specific movements are introduced.


Over the course of one full day, we captured the sixteen different fundamental movement skills at the four different levels of ability. The movements included skipping, running, rolling, dodging, throwing, and several others with each stage of development from initial, emerging, competent and proficient being recorded. The objective here was capture clear, simple movements so coaches could use these videos to help them assess their own athletes. Once assessments were made the next ‘show me’ video series help coaches deliver the best instruction possible to help athletes improve upon their fundamental movements.      

Post Production

Two specific videos series were produced from the movements we captured. One series focused on the assessment of the movements and the other series focused on helping coach proper movements. From the sixteen different fundamental movements a total of 32 specific videos were produced to be incorporated into the PGA.COACH app.   

Client: PGA of America

Producers: Matt Young / Atlee James

Directors: Atlee James / Oliver Smith

Video Editing and Design: Atlee James