“How can we tell better stories?”

“How can we reinvent ourselves?”

“How can we be different?”

“How can we raise ourselves to a new level?”

Ask these questions.

Whether you’re looking for bite-sized, searchable content for social media channels, your website or a longer-form documentary, we take a general concept, present you with insightful options, and co-create a reality that aligns with your ideal channels. It’s a Turnkey Solution: We lead the entire process collaboratively, from ideation through to the final reveal.


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The Process for Live Action

Collaboration + Concepts + Script Development

Potential Pictures’ role: We seek to understand the message, the audience, your product/service and your brand. Armed with this understanding, we then work backwards, to develop and bring the script to life.

Client’s role: Act as a collaborator to help us capture your idea, provide context, information and research to help us understand your story. Script finalizing happens here.

Storyboard + Pre-production

Potential Pictures’ role: in preparation for the shoot, handle logistics (location, equipment rentals, crew, talent, etc.). We also draft out what the frames will begin to look like by storyboarding, when ever applicable.

Your role: As applicable, liaising with talent, organizing locations in conjunction with Potential Pictures, submitting media required for editing as per script; logos, images, illustrations, news articles, graphics


Potential Pictures’ role: directing and filming, managing all on-site parties, coaching talent, building the animation components, , etc.

Your role: Ensure messaging is on point… Also, a chance to be part of the action! Capture “behind the scenes” as needed or we can add this to the project. Soundtrack and Voice talent will also selected at this stage.

Post Production (Editing/Animation/Motion Graphics)

Potential Pictures’ role: Cutting the raw footage into a compelling, concise finished product, in alignment with the final script and the clients feedback during screenings. This is also when animation occurs (if applicable).

Your role: With 2 screenings during the fedback process, all feedback is captured and addressed online through our password protected Vimeo channel. 

The Process for Animation

Brief + Brainstorm

Potential Pictures’ role: we will get to know who you are and what your message is. We will research and generate ideas!  

Your role: Help with developing the direction and messaging of the project.

The Script

Potential Pictures’ role: directing and filming, managing all on-site parties, coaching talent, building the animation components, , etc.

Your role: Ensure messaging is on point and the story is going in the right direction. 

The Storyboard

Potential Pictures’ role: Taking the scripted narrative we can begin to layout the flow and feel of the story. We initially present a series of mood boards to convey a general look and feel then we can sketch and layout the sequences and scenes we need to develop. 

Your role: Work with us and communicate your ideas and feedback with how the story is beginning to look. Finalize.

Illustrations and Style Frames

Potential Pictures’ role: we present some designs and look for the project to give an even better sense of what the final animation will look like.

Your role: provide feedback

Animation + Sound Design

Potential Pictures’ role: We are proud to present a versions for your feedback and finalization!

Your role: feedback, approve, finalize and love what has been created. It’s that easy.