A Case Study: Sinova Global

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The Project Brief

Sinova Global and their Horse Creek mine located just outside of Golden British Columbia, is one of the leading suppliers of high-grade silica. The mine has begun their operations and is working hard to become one of the first carbon-neutral mines in Canada. Now more than ever this of the utmost importance, so we were excited to help tell their story and get the word out.  

The Script & Storyboard

The initial script was produced from scheduled brainstorm and research sessions which develops the best tone and messaging for the client’s targeted audience. Once approved, we then began the process of developing a visual language and flow to show what the story will look like. Initial sketches then onto the digital illustrations where we received another round of feedback to determine the style frames and what exactly the look of the animation would be. Once we finalized this look, it was onto the next phase of bringing it to life.       

Illustrations & Animation

A series of style frames were developed to give the client another round of feedback before the scenes were then brought to life. Prior to the animation the still frames are put to narration and music (an animatic) to present the best idea of what the client could expect as the final result. Once finalized, each scene was built and animated to tell the story. The goal was to keep the flow moving from start to finish with purpose while maximizing the audience’s attention.    

The Finalé

Client: Sinova Global

Script: Andrew Whal

Director: Atlee James

Illustration: Boris Moshkov

Animation: Atlee James

Voice Talent: John Matthew