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When Harry first felt something wasn’t right with his foot after running, he simply thought maybe he should just take it easy for a while – like anyone who runs as much as he does would. Over the course of the next few weeks, however, there were other instances where he felt something just wasn’t right.

After several doctor visits and tests, they confirmed that his body’s motor neurons were beginning to shut down. Harry was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a disease that shuts down your body and muscular system.

Harry’s wish was to document his is ALS diagnosis journey to provide clarity and support to newly diagnosed individuals. He wanted to reveal the challenges someone would face during the difficult process. 

Six Months looks into an ALS diagnosis.

At the age you are ready to retire, during an evening jog, you suddenly notice an odd feeling in your foot. You get it looked at by your regular physiotherapist and it is still not checking out. Next phase is heading to the doctors for tests.  

There now comes the realization you have been diagnosed with ALS. What does this future look like?

Film Screenings

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A simple strategy for discussions would be:

3-2-1 Strategy

  Discuss 3 things that resonated for you this documentary.

  Identify 2 things you can control.

  Commit to 1 thing you can do to support raising awareness. 

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Producer: Atlee James

Director / Editing & Design: Atlee James

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